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Congratulations to Universe Science Park for winning a price at Cph Garden 2017

The team of Gardeners at Universe proudly present their diploma, while the Head gardener Gert Jensen has not got back from Copenhagen

The team of Gardeners at Universe proudly present their diploma, while the Head gardener Gert Jensen has not got back from Copenhagen

Universe Science Park

Bitten & Mads Clausen’s Foundation congratulates Universe Science Park, which was nominated “Best Garden Experience” at a big garden fair called Cph Garden 2017.  Universe Science Park is an adventure park for fun and science, but also includes several landscaping and garden experiences. Bitten’s Garden is one of these, and consist of a luxuriant universe of flowers, trees, herbs and berries, that takes you back in time a 100 years. Back then ornamental gardens were very different from today.

The inspiration from Bitten Clausen

Bitten’s Garden was a birthday present from Universe to Bitten Clausen on her 100 years birthday, and she herself participated in designing the garden in just the way she liked gardens to be. The idea is that the garden – like a garden a 100 years ago – is a mixture of kitchen garden and ornamental garden. This year the Universe Science Park presents an expansion of Bitten’s Garden, due to a new Chinese garden inspired by the late Bitten Clausens own garden.

The nomination at Cph Garden 2017 is based on votes from volunteers at the Garden Company, together with members and followers on Facebook and on the website They have all voted for their favorite garden, among the nominees in each category. Bitten’s Garden won ahead of 4 other nominees: The Garden Festival of the Garden Company, Gram Castles Home- and Garden fair, the parklands of Gisselfeld Monastery and Geographic Garden.

Universe can celebrate yet another event, emanating from CPH garden 2017. A display garden designed by Lise Bollhorns and called "The Blooming Garden", will next year be grown in the Universe Science Park. Lise Bollhorn’s garden was awarded with a bronze medal by a specialist jury, consisting of five selected judges with great knowledge of gardens. The jury argued that The Blooming Garden is an exciting example of a garden without a lawn, but with insect-plants and even an "insect hotel". The garden is easy to implement and has a spectacular composition of flowers. 

"We look forward to moving the bronze winner, The Blooming Garden, to Universe and to present it to our guests when the park opens for the 2018 season"

Head gardener in Universe, Gert Jensen

Universe Science Park
Universe is a science and experience park by Nordborg on Als, where children and adults can gain knowledge through play. During the season, Universe has a lot of events and exciting experiences for both children and adults, combined with the opportunity to explore the park and its features such as attractions, gardens and flowers. Universe is a project that Bitten & Mads Clausen’s Foundation has contributed in establishing, and still supports.

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