Monday, September 3, 2018 10:09 AM

Danfoss fills Alsik with energy effective technology

Alsik is filled with sustainable initiatives delivered by Danfoss

Alsik is located right on the edge of Alssund in Sønderborg

Alsik is located right on the edge of Alssund in Sønderborg

Per Fransson, Alsnyt

Alsik will become a showcase for Danfoss Technology and Energy Efficiency. Intelligent control of all engineering plants, low energy cooling, reuse of surplus heat and reduced flow temperatures are just examples of what Danfoss does to help minimise Alsik's impact on the environment.  

PFA and Bitten & Mads Clausen's Foundation, major shareholders of Danfoss, are supporting Alsik. Danfoss of course will be supplying the energy-efficient technology to the hotel and spa at the waterfront in Sønderborg, which will be opening in the spring.

Sustainability was built into Alsik from the very start of construction. With floor-to-ceiling windows that maximise daylight, a façade of recyclable aluminium, concrete of high-performance natural materials, certified, sustainable materials inside - as well as green roofs that give shade, remove heat and reduce the energy necessary to cool and heat. These are just some of the things that are designed into Alsik, built according to building regulations BR2020, which determine energy requirements coming into force from 2020.

"In the construction of Alsik, Danfoss products are integrated as far as possible. This has been achieved through exemplary cooperation with Danfoss. The sustainable solutions are integrated intelligently, so that the short-term focus does not harm it long-term - and vice versa. Building sustainably is about prioritised options“

John Knudsen, Project Director for Bitten & Mads Clausen's Foundation

Alsik will achieve 76% CO2 neutrality and contribute to Project Zero, Sønderborg's vision of becoming CO2-neutral in 2029. Alsik is equipped with 380 m2 of solar cells, and Alsik's district heating supply is based on waste, wood chips and geothermal energy. To reduce the energy needed to produce hot water at a higher temperature that necessary (to ensure safe and clean water) the hot water is pre-treated with an electrolysis generator. This process makes it possible to lower the flow temperature from 55 to 40-45 degrees Celsius, thereby saving energy.

Mechanical cooling as well as free cooling is used in Alsik whenever possible. Free cooling gives big energy savings, and the investment is typically earned back in 3 years. The mechanical cooling systems are powered by Danfoss' award winning Turbocor Compressor, which saves up to 40% energy compared with a conventional compressor.

Alsik’s hotel rooms use ventilation technology, which, like the remaining technical facilities (heating, DHW and light) is controlled via CTS (Central Mode Control and Steering). Heating and cooling in the hotel rooms are linked to the booking system and the registration of room usage, so it is only active when the rooms are occupied. It is also possible for the guests to save energy themselves by using natural ventilation.

"Sustainability is represented in various forms within Alsik. It is found within the integration of Danfoss' products and the energy optimisation they deliver. We are proud to be able to demonstrate this in a large, local construction. But it is also through social sustainability that Alsik helps to develop Sønderborg, create new local jobs and attract tourists and visitors to the area. It is a goal for Bitten & Mads Clausen's Foundation that Alsik creates sustainability in more than one sense."

Peter Mads Clausen, Chairman of the Board for Bitten & Mads Clausen's Foundation

For more information about Danfoss, follow the link below to the company's website.