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Donation towards Mommark Commerce and Industry Boarding School

Education and Fitness Facilities supported by Bitten & Mads Clausen’s Foundation

Mommark Handelskostskole is located within an area of natural beauty

Mommark Handelskostskole is located within an area of natural beauty

Mommark Handelskostskole

At their last meeting in 2018, Bitten & Mads Clausen’s Foundation decided to donate 10 million DKK to the Business College South so that they can build a multi-purpose hall at Mommark.

The School is very grateful for the foundation’s support which is essential for the implementation of the project. We are pleased and proud that, thanks to the Foundation’s support, we can help create a more attractive and dynamic Sønderborg and Als, as well as promote the development of a skilled workforce for companies throughout Denmark.

Bente Esbensen Jensen, Head Teacher at Mommark Handelskostkole

A multi-purpose hall will enable other forms of education to take place in addition to the ones that are already happening in the classrooms. For example, it can help promote students’ learning and strengthen their professionalism. Out of school hours, the hall will strengthen the social contact between the students and the boarding school. It will make Mommark Handelskostskole more appealing and promote the vocational training courses. It will give the school more opportunity to attract and retain the companies that choose to send their students from across the country to Mommark.

Facts about Mommark’s Commercial and Industry Boarding School

The Handelskostskole is a nation-wide training school. It takes trade, office and retail students from the whole of Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. The school specialises in offering tailor-made courses. The students typically come for two weeks at a time, four or five times over the duration of their training. Their courses take place at the school where they also board and lodge. Each year, the school has the equivalent of about 30,000 overnight stays. Mommark Handelskostskole lies 20 km from Sønderborg, in the village of Mommark, which is on the eastern side of the island of Als, overlooking Lillebælt.

The school is also looking forward to opening up the hall to the surrounding community, so that both Mommark and the local residents can benefit from it. The multi-purpose hall will encourage activities that contribute to a good and healthy lifestyle, making it more attractive to settle in this area. For the school’s neighbours, the Mommark Marina, the Campsite and the holiday homes, the activities within the multi-purpose hall will enable a longer tourist season, than the weather would normally allow.

This project contributes to the positive awareness of Als, and is beneficial to the development of the area. The Mommark Handelskostskole is an educational institution and is the reason many companies and students visit Als – often for the first time. With a multi-purpose hall, the school will become an even more attractive educational centre. At the same time, it will successfully involve the local community in creating development and activity for everybody in Mommark.

Peter Mads Clausen, Chairman of Bitten & Mads Clausen’s Foundation

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Mommarks Handelskostskole