Thursday, January 26, 2017 2:46 PM

Experienced hotel-operator will be manager of Alsik

Gert Prantner predicts big perspectives for Sønderborg

Gert Pranter (left) and his business partner Marek N. Riegger , RIMC Hamburg

Gert Pranter (left) and his business partner Marek N. Riegger , RIMC Hamburg


The Alsik Hotel, Spa and Conference is being built in a joint operation between PFA Pension and Bitten & Mads Clausen's Foundation.

An experienced hotel operator will take over the running of Alsik, when the construction is finished at the start of 2019. Gert Prantner, from the company RIMC, already operates 50 hotels in various countries. Alsik will be the first RIMC-operated hotel in Denmark.

In an interview in the Danish newspaper, Jyske Vestkysten (January 26, 2017) Gert Prantner is very optimistic about the prospects that Alsik will bring to S√łnderborg. He compares Alsik with the Elbharmonie in Hamburg: an attraction that serves as a landmark and flagship, attracting education, jobs and tourists, and thus has great importance to the entire area. Long term, new synergies will also arise in terms of career opportunities and education within hotel management, as RIMC plans to open hotels in Aarhus, Copenhagen, Vejle and Herning.

It is with great satisfaction that Bitten & Mads Clausen's Foundation is involved with such an experienced hotel operator as RIMC. RIMC and the architects have been in constant touch since the early construction phases so that RIMC have been able to give crucial advise on the hotel interior and design. 

More information on RIMC can be found by following this link to their homepage:

RIMC homepage