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From bridge to tote bags

Tour de France Lives on

The fabric from the yellow bridge is sewn into bags

The fabric from the yellow bridge is sewn into bags


This summer, vast amounts of yellow fabric was used to transform the Christian X Bridge in Sønderborg into a landmark of the Tour de France. Now that very same fabric is being recycled and converted into hundreds of tote bags and shopping bags.

A memory of the Tour de France

The red ribbon at the top of each bag is inscribed with the text "Sewn from recycled fabric from the Tour de France Sønderborg 2022." In this way, the great cycling race will endure in the form of these yellow keepsakes all around the town.

The Red Cross in Sønderborg has volunteered to sew the bags from the many meters of fabric and is selling them for 35 DKK each.

The idea to recycle the fabric had already come about as a result of the donation to the project by Bitten & Mads Clausen’s Foundation. Peter M. Clausen expressed the wish that the fabric from the bridge would be recycled to ensure sustainability and circularity. It is therefore a great pleasure to see the first bags made and to see how they have received such positive interest. Many orders have already been placed for the tote bags, which are available with either short or long handles.

The time on the bridge has left small imprints and marks on the fabric. This adds its own distinctive selling point and ensures that no two bags are exactly the same. Each one is a unique souvenir of the magnificent event that was the arrival of the Tour de France.

Vive le Tour!

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