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Large holiday resort on Nordals

The Bitten & Mads Clausen Foundation invests in a holiday paradise

Sustainable holiday homes

Sustainable holiday homes


Nordals will become a new holiday paradise when a large, sustainable and state-of-the-art holiday resort, with 500 holiday homes and water park, opens in the Spring of 2023. The plans will come to fruition after the Bitten & Mads Clausen Foundation, together with Linak Holding and Sønderborg Municipality, secured the funding of just over 1.3 DKK billion for this large project. 

The new resort will accommodate 500 holiday homes with views and access to forest and to the beach, a tropical water park, activities and nature opportunities for all ages. There will be restaurants, shopping and a beach area with a promenade and a large sea bathing area. Everything will be made with a focus on sustainability to ensure as low energy consumption as possible. 

Nature will become the focal point of Nordals’ Resort

Nature will become the focal point of Nordals’ Resort


The holiday resort is expected to attract more than 200,000 tourists to Als annually and will create about 300 new jobs. Chairman of the Bitten & Mads Clausen Foundation, Peter M. Clausen, is very pleased that the project is now a reality:

“We have invested in the Universe Science Park, and therefore it is only natural for us to participate in the further development of the area. We can establish a sustainable project in extremely beautiful surroundings that will attract tourists from all over Denmark. But the expectation is, to a large extent, that our German neighbours, from the metropolitan region of Hamburg for example, together with visitors from the Netherlands, will look carefully at Als when planning their holidays.

Peter M. Clausen, Chairman of the Bitten & Mads Clausen Foundation

Linak Holding and the Bitten & Mads Clausen Foundation have established a joint company that will be the owners of the new holiday resort. The daily operation and development of the new resort will be handled by a new company that has many years’ experience in running holiday resorts.

Sønderborg Municipality has invested 100 million DKK in the project. This will ensure the establishment of a promenade along the beach towards Little Belt and a brand-new sea bathing area, among other things. This will become a landmark on the coast and the focal point for water activities, sailing and other opportunities.

The director of the development company Nordals Ferieresort, Niels Feerup, says that they are actively working at getting the design and architecture in place. The building and EIA permit must all be in order before construction can begin.

Architects’ proposal for the resort

Architects’ proposal for the resort

Nordals ferieresort