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New General Manager at Alsik Hotel & Spa

Jesper Bach Larsen starts on 1st of March 2023

Jesper Bach Larsen

Jesper Bach Larsen

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On 1 March 2023, Jesper Bach Larsen will become the new General Manager of Steigenberger Alsik Hotel & Spa. He is an experienced hotelier who has served at Hilton Hotels for 22 years at several international destinations, including Shanghai, Tokyo and Da Nang. When assuming his new responsibilities at Alsik, Jesper Bach Larsen will arrive from a position he has held since December 2021 as General Manager of the Jumana Bali Ungasan Resort, a Hilton luxury resort in Bali.

With his new position at Alsik, Jesper Bach Larsen will return to Denmark to settle in Sønderborg with his partner in life.

At Steigenberger Alsik Hotel & Spa, Jesper Bach Larsen will take over as General Manager from John Ankjær, who since September 2019 has served in the position on a consulting contract. John Ankjær came to Alsik shortly after the opening of the hotel and has served for 3.5 years during a turbulent period for the market during which the brand-new hotel had to close several times due to COVID lockdowns.

Despite these tough odds, John Ankjær, together with a strong team of employees, has contributed to establishing solid operations for the hotel and spa, which today is a recognised destination that is well established on the market, enjoys a high degree of awareness, is highly rated in guest reviews, and has achieved an occupancy rate among the best on the Danish market. The time is therefore ripe for a new General Manager to take over. The Bitten & Mads Clausen’s Foundation, owner of the hotel, is very satisfied with the choice of new General Manager.

Steigenberger Alsik Hotel & Spa is for the Bitten & Mads Clausen’s Foundation an investment of great importance in terms of creating visibility and attractiveness for Sønderborg. We invest great care in everything concerning Alsik, and find it of great importance that we in Jesper Bach Larsen have found a General Manager of Danish origins with extensive international experience from high-quality hotels. Precisely these parameters have been central to combine in our choice of a new General Manager for Alsik.

Per Egebæk Have, Chairman of the Board, Bitten & Mads Clausens Foundation

The new General Manager, Jesper Bach Larsen, states about his motivation for accepting the position as General Manager of Steigenberger Alsik Hotel & Spa:

After many years abroad, it will be exciting to return home. My requirement has been that my return should be to an area and a hotel with a focus on sustainability and with a dynamic plan for the development of the area. Sønderborg offers exactly this, and Alsik is an amazing hotel with huge potential and has very committed employees. I am really looking forward to being a part of this.

Jesper Bach Larsen, New General Manager at Alsik Hotel & Spa
Jesper Bach Larsen

Jesper Bach Larsen

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The handover from John Ankjær to the new General Manager has begun. Attached to the press release is a photo of the new General Manager, Jesper Bach Larsen.

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