Tuesday, May 11, 2021 12:00 PM

Nordborg Resort is going to be operated by Center Parcs

Strong operator with focus on sustainability

The resort will be located in beautiful natural surroundings

The resort will be located in beautiful natural surroundings

Nordals Holiday Resort

Nordborg Resort has reached an agreement with Center Parcs about the management of the new family resort on Als. Center Parcs is a strong and experienced partner as it is Europe’s largest provider of family holiday parks.

The centre will consist of 440 units of holiday accommodation totalling around 34,000 m², a 7,200 m² indoor Water Park, 7,500 m² of covered shopping centre and a 1,000-metre beach promenade. It will be possible to expand the resort after its opening.

Facts about Nordals’ Holiday Resort

Working with Linak, Bitten & Mads Clausen’s Foundation has already initiated the construction of the new holiday resort on Als and has now reached an agreement about the operation of the resort. Center Parcs Europe is already operating 28 of Europe’s largest holiday parks and is therefore one of the strongest brands within the tourism industry in Europe where they have resorts in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France – and in two years’ time, also in Denmark.

The increased focus on sustainability is one of the main factors in ensuring a good match between the new partners. Linak and Bitten & Mads Clausen’s Foundation both pay a lot of attention to the sustainable development of the resort. Center Parcs has in recent years opened three resorts in France and Germany with an emphasis on Nature and sustainability. 

The Park is being established on Als where I grew up and where there are unique natural surroundings with woods, lakes, and sandy beaches. I think it is fantastic that we, with this project, make it possible for tourists to enjoy the very same countryside, of which I have many good memories. Center Parcs Europe can ensure that the Park will be run sustainably and professionally, and I am confident that we have found the perfect partner.

Peter M. Clausen, Chair of Bitten & Mads Clausen’s Foundation

The new resort on Als is being built with the intention of achieving a gold certification in accordance with DGNB scheme. DGBN is a standard for sustainable construction.

Bent Jensen, owner of LINAK, and the other investor of the new resort approves:

From the beginning of the development of the new resort, we have been conscious that the aim is to establish a sustainable family resort in tune with the countryside on Als. We want this resort to be able to compete on an international level and we get the opportunity to do so in the collaboration with Center Parcs.

Bent Jensen, Owner and CEO, LINAK A/S

Examples of the park’s surroundings can be seen below:

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