Monday, June 8, 2020 3:15 PM

Purchase of workshop building

A Gastronomic Conference and Event Centre takes shape

The former workshop building in the grounds of the Barracks

The former workshop building in the grounds of the Barracks

Sønderborg municipality

BMC Ejendomme (BMC Properties), a company belonging to Bitten & Mads Clausen’s Foundation, has bought the former workshop building at Sønderborg Barracks for 2 million DKK.

After renting the building in 2018-19 as a storage space for deliveries to Steigenberger Alsik Hotel and Spa, the Foundation saw the potential of its large rooms and the central location in the town’s harbour and decided to purchase it. BMC Ejendomme now has exciting plans for the building.

The headline intention is to develop the workshop building into a Gastronomic Conference and Event Centre, able to house food workshops, theme days and events. The activities in the building will be carried out in association with the Steigenberger Alsik Hotel & Spa, building on its gastronomic reputation with Jesper Koch in charge. The new events in the workshop building will be open to local citizens, companies and educational institutions, as well as the hotel and conference guests.

Having received the municipality's agreement last week to buy the building, BMC Ejendomme is now starting the renovation. It will in particular focus on optimising the interior spaces, without compromising its "raw" character which must be maintained. The plan is to leave the building unchanged on the outside, as an integral part of the Barrack’s grounds.

Peter M. Clausen, Chairman of Bitten & Mads Clausen’s Foundation, explains the background behind the purchase:

The former workshop building offers numerous opportunities for supplementing the activities available in the Town's Harbour. New ideas are constantly emerging. The important thing for me is that we create attractions that will draw people in to visit the district and take part in the activities here. It is for the benefit of Sønderborg and for everyone who lives and has business in the area.”

Peter M. Clausen, Chairman

The large open space in the middle of the building will especially become the focal point for its use. The room needs to be renovated allowing it to be as multifunctional as possible. Due to its size, it can accommodate several hundred people, enabling large private and public events such as theme days, conferences, market days and much more.

Sønderborg Municipality emphasised the plans for future use. Mayor Erik Lauritzen said on the subject of the sale:

“I am pleased that Sønderborg Municipality has now sold the Barrack’s Workshop to an investor who will help develop the area based on the plans that already exist for the Towns Harbour, an investor who also has a special focus on trade and tourism. The fact that the building will also be used for other educational activities can only help bring even more life to the town's proud Barracks”.

Erik Lauritzen, Mayor, Sønderborg Municipality