Monday, September 13, 2021 12:00 PM

Sergenten returns to Sønderborg

The former workshop has got its new name

The architect’s illustration of the building seen from outside

The architect’s illustration of the building seen from outside


In 2020, Bitten & Mads Clausen’s Foundation purchased the former workshop building at Sønderborg Barracks, the aim being to establish an expand the event and conference facilities in Sønderborg.

The work involved in converting the former workshop building is well under way, leaving only the original outer walls and roof trusses. Everything else is being rebuilt from scratch, into a beautiful setting with modern facilities that create a new and unique environment for the activities planned.

Now the building has also received its new name: Sergenten.

Why Sergenten?

For decades, Denmark's sergeants were trained at the now defunct Sønderborg Barracks. Sergenten is based in the barracks' old workshop building, which is being completely renovated and modernised. Just as men and women congregated at Sønderborg for years to train as sergeants, the event venue is hoped to draw people to Sønderborg, where experiences, knowledge, networking, and growth await. That's why the building has been named Sergenten (the Sergeant).

Steigenberger Alsik Hotel and Spa will be responsible for the running of Sergenten, giving them the ability to host conferences, trade fairs, birthday parties, corporate events and much, much more.

The large hall within Sergenten can be used for a host of things. In addition to the large space on the ground floor, the building will also contain an exclusive lounge area on the first floor which will have many possible uses.

The kitchen facilities will be state-of-the-art, so guests at any event can be pampered with both food and drink.

Read more about Sergenten on its website, by following this link (in danish):

Sergenten - a part of Alsik