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Sønderborg host town for international conference

Ministry and Danfoss in exciting collaboration

Alsik is a hotel and conference centre

Alsik is a hotel and conference centre

Bitten & Mads Clausen's Foundation

On June 8th and 9th 2022, Sønderborg will be hosting the International Energy Agency (IEA) when it will be opening its doors for the seventh time to the world's most important conference on energy efficiency.

The world's most important conference on energy efficiency

To ensure an effective green transition, Denmark ­– and the rest of the world – must become better at using energy efficiently. This could happen through more efficient heating and cooling of buildings or use of surplus heat, for example in supermarkets. Energy efficiency is an overlooked tool in the green toolbox, but it has a big impact on our indoor climate, the bottom line – and the climate. The conference provides a showcase for technologies to help bring down the world's CO2 emissions.

The conference is an important showcase for the technologies that will help bring down the world's CO2 emissions, and Danfoss produces many of these solutions. That's why the company is also helping to organise the conference.

Managing Director of Danfoss Kim Fausing:

"Energy efficiency is crucial for the green transition, and the Danish industry is ready with many of the solutions. Now we need to speed up implementation, and I hope and believe that this meeting will contribute to that. I am very proud that Danfoss is co-organising the conference and we look forward to showcasing the real potential of energy efficiency. For example, by next year, our 250,000 m2 production and office on Als will be CO2-neutral. This we have achieved by putting energy efficiency first."

Kim Fausing, CEO Danfoss

Sønderborg has recognised that energy efficiency improvements play a crucial role in achieving the green transition. With its 'Project Zero' vision, the town has purposefully been working for several years to reduce its own CO2 emissions to zero by 2029, while creating local job growth and new green skills.

For the benefit of Danfoss and for the town

Bitten & Mads Clausen’s Foundation is collaborating with Danfoss on this important conference and is delighted that Sønderborg today will be able to host such a large and exciting event.

For this to be possible, there must be sufficient hotel rooms and conference facilities in the town. Alsik will be the central hub for the conference. However, the town's other hotels will also be important partners in accommodating the many visitors from around the world.

Read the full press release about the conference by following this link.

Sønderborg to host conference