Thursday, February 16, 2017 2:39 PM

Taste the food of Jesper Koch at Alsik

The well-known TV-chef develops the concepts for restaurants and cafés at Alsik.

Jesper Koch

Jesper Koch

Masterchef at TV3

When Alsik opens its doors in 2019, not only will guests be invited to visit the hotel and spa, but everyone will be welcome to eat at Alsik's restaurants and cafés with their different gastronomic concepts. 

Jesper Koch is responsible for the concepts of the restaurants. He is a strong partner for Alsik. He has combined his Southern Jutland origin with great international experience. In his food concepts, he focuses on local and Nordic ingredients, homemade bread and pastry, promoting genuine quality from soil to table. 

Jesper Koch grew up in Aabenraa, and in Aarhus he has had success with restaurants like "Det glade vanvid", "Frøken Koch" and "Restaurant Koch", which he opened and managed together with his brothers. Today he has gone solo as a consultant in the firm "byKoch". Jesper Koch is also known from TV, where, among other things, he has been part of Madklubben (The Food Club) at TV2 and participated in Masterchef at TV3.

The kitchen facilities at Alsik go hand in hand with the high standards of Jesper Koch, and will ensure that all visitors and guests at the hotel and spa can be served. The restaurants include gourmet as well as à la carte and buffet. The highest placed restaurant of the hotel is located on the 17th floor of Alsik, and from there, one will have a fantastic overview of Sønderborg and Alssund. On the ground floor, both a buffet restaurant and a family restaurant will be situated. From these it will be possible to enjoy the food, while gazing out on Alssund and the waterfront of Sønderborg close by.

The vision of Jesper Koch is that each restaurant shall offer food and beverages to different audiences. The purpose is to give everybody a positive food experience, which will make Alsik worth a visit.

Follow the link below to learn more about Jesper Koch at his own website "byKoch".