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The harbour bath opens on the 6th of december

Sønderborg harbour bath

Sønderborg harbour bath


On December 6th 2023, the completion and handover of the harbour bath to Sønderborg Municipality will be celebrated. On the same occasion, the municipality opens the harbour bath for all keen winter swimmers who are welcome to jump into the water after the official speeches.  

The harbour bath at Alssund is a gift from Bitten & Mads Clausen's Foundation and was donated to the municipality in connection with the Foundation's 50th anniversary in 2021. Built at the northern end of the Town’s Harbour, it features three pools, a diving tower, and a sunbathing area.

The harbour bath has two levels, and on the upper promenade, everyone can take a stroll along the Alssund without having to enter the water. 

The harbour bath

The Sønderborg harbour bath is located at Alssund and can accommodate up to 250 visitors at a time. It is divided into three pools: The largest pool is 25 metres on the longest side, the middle one is the diving pool, and the smallest pool is for young children and is the only pool to have a solid bottom with a water depth of only 30 cm. There are changing rooms and a sauna.

Chairman of the Board of Bitten & Mads Clausen's Foundation, Per Egebæk Have, explains about the gift:

When Bitten & Mads Clausen's Foundation celebrated its 50th anniversary, we had a good dialogue with Sønderborg Municipality about a gift idea. Preferably a gift that would benefit many and contribute to the development of the area. A harbour bath was the preferred choice. It is a great pleasure that it is now being put into use. Initially probably by winter swimmers, but with the availability to stroll on the upper deck we hope that many citizens and visitors will enjoy the new attraction.

Per Egebæk Have, Chairman of the Board

Mayor Erik Lauritzen is delighted with the new attraction in the municipality:

The harbour bath is a great gift from Bitten & Mads Clausen's Foundation, and on behalf of the Town Council, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for this. The harbour bath will be yet another asset in Sønderborg that will benefit the locals and support the development that has taken place in Sønderborg over the past many years. It will make the Sønderborg area even more interesting for guests and visiting tourists, but also strengthen our joint efforts to attract even more newcomers to the area.

Erik Lauritzen, Mayor

The Sønderborg harbour bath is built as a floating structure, which means that it can move up and down with the tide. There has been a focus on safety in connection with the harbour bath, and therefore there is a heavy net under the water surface on the side of all pools to prevent bathers from diving under the harbour bath and out into the open water where the current is strong. The net also stops larger fish from entering the pools without obstructing the flow of water. This keeps the water fresh.

Bathers must stay in the three pools of the harbour bath, which is why railings have been installed on the outside of the harbour bath to prevent people from jumping directly into the Alssund. 

A website has been created where you can read more about the harbour bath, including registration and prices for using it. You can visit the website via the link below:

Sønderborg Havnebad