Tuesday, May 3, 2022 12:00 PM

The KONGEBROHUSET is now finished

The outdoor areas have also been landscaped

Panoramic view of the Town’s Harbour

Panoramic view of the Town’s Harbour


The Kongebrohuset, centrally located on the Town’s Harbour, Sønderborg, was ready for occupancy in December 2021.The building has thus already been occupied for a few months during which time the last exterior details have been completed. The final things to be accomplished included the large, beautiful balconies facing the Alssund, as well as the planting of the outside areas.

In April 2022, these last details were finished, and the building was handed over to the residents during a pleasant ceremony at the building itself. At the same time, two pieces of work were unveiled in the entrance hall, telling the story of how the Kongebrohuset got its name. It was demonstrated by means of pictures showing how the King's Ship moored for several years in front of the site on which the building was erected.

Throughout the entire construction phase, a camera on the roof of the Alsion has been taking photos of the construction. These photos have been edited together to create a timelapse video, allowing you to see two years of construction work in just over one minute.

With the completion of the Kongebrohuset, three building plots remain to be completed. These are all located to the north of the Videnshuset (the Knowledge House). On one of them, the Community for Senior Citizens, is being built, whilst on another the Danfoss House is under construction. The two buildings will be ready for occupancy in 2022 and 2023 respectively.

On the third and final plot - the northernmost – on the Town’s Harbour, there are plans for a 14-storey apartment building, though construction has not yet started.