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The Schackenborg Foundation

Establishment of the Schackenborg Foundation

Schackenborg Castle

Schackenborg Castle

Schackenborg Foundation

Bitten & Mads Clausen's Foundation – together with other investors – was involved in setting up the Schackenborg Foundation, which is a commercial foundation. In addition to Schackenborg Palace and Park, the Schackenborg Foundation owns approx. 300 hectares of farmland belonging to the palace and a Christmas tree business. The land is cultivated in cooperation with HRH Prince Joachim, and part of the crop is sold via the “De 5 gårde” (The Five Farms) cooperative in COOPְ's shops.

There are clauses within the documentation for the Schackenborg Foundation that state, among other things, that The Foundation owns and maintains Schackenborg Palace and Park and provides the public with access to these areas. It is also the Foundation’s aim to give HRH Prince Joachim and HRH Princess Marie, as well as other members of the Danish Royal Family, the option of occasionally staying at Schackenborg. Finally, the Schackenborg Foundation provides support to charitable and non-profit causes to the extent that the Board of Directors deem this financially possible.

Since the Schackenborg Foundation is newly established, work on planning a number of projects in relation to Schackenborg is still ongoing. Several of the projects are expected to commence in 2016, but over the coming years work will continue on new initiatives and activities that support the Schackenborg Foundation’s aim.