Tuesday, November 27, 2018 8:40 AM

Topping-out ceremony on CIE building

The framework for the Centre for Industrial Electronics is nearly complete

Celebration with sausages and beer for the builders

Celebration with sausages and beer for the builders

Sune Holst, SDU

On Friday the 23rd November 2018, the builders celebrated on the CIE construction site. They have managed to erect the building at record speed, keeping the project on schedule for completion for the coming school year.

It was only seven months ago, on the 6th April 2018, that the first turf was turned for the CIE building project. The building work is expected to be handed over in June 2019. The building is being built for LINAK and Bitten & Mads Clausen’s Foundation at a cost of 70-80 million DKK. It will house laboratories, test facilities and project rooms, which will provide educational facilities at an international quality.

Education in Electronics

The building is to become home for The Centre for Industrial Electronics. Three new engineering courses will be based there; courses that will meet the need that local companies have for qualified electronics engineers. With CIE, companies like LINAK and Danfoss have access to the latest knowledge and the best brains so that they can continue to create global solutions for their customers.

The topping-out ceremony, for this very special building, was held last Friday. It will become the workshop for the new electronics courses where it, will be used to carry out electronic tests and experiments. The building is therefore protected against shaking via reinforced structures, and there are vibration-absorbing solutions both in the ceilings and floors.

The director from Linak was a happy man when he spoke on behalf of the owners. Bent Jensen praised the builders for their excellent work and the contractors for keeping to the budget and timescale. He also concluded that the development in Sønderborg will not finish with this construction. The day when there will be no fresh construction in the municipality, will be the day that the municipality starts to stagnate. 

Mayor Erik Lauritzen agreed with that statement and thanked, on behalf of the council, Bitten & Mads Clausen’s Foundation and Linak for their cooperation regarding the development in Sønderborg Municipality.

Advisors and Consultants for CIE

The CIE building is five storeys high like the rest of the Alsion. The outside of the building will be clad with granite to match the other ten blocks in Alsion. The architects and engineers of CIE are, respectively, Arkitema and Rambøll with Hoffmann A/S as the overall contractor on the construction.

The Centre for Industrial Electronics has evolved from a unique collaboration between Danfoss A/S, LINAK A/S, Region of Southern Denmark (Region Syddanmark), Sønderborg Municipality and SDU (University of Southern Denmark). The partners are investing 176 million DKK in the project. The Centre has had a good start with the appointment of Thomas Ebel as leader, as well as being recognised as a centre of competence with the European Cluster Power Electronics (ECPEU) and with the government accepting the standard of education. In March 2018, the first young people from all over Europe applied to CIE, and they are now well under way in their first term.