Aim and focus areas

The Foundation’s aim is to support activities that have a positive impact on Danfoss A/S, Danfoss employees and the local areas in which Danfoss operates

Danfoss Headquarter in Nordborg

Danfoss Headquarter in Nordborg

Danfoss A/S

In 2012, the Foundation’s Board of Directors adopted a new strategy where the aim of the Foundation was interpreted to form six strategic pathways for the Foundation to follow. 

  1. Support Danfoss directlyby ensuring professional management of the company.
  2. Protect Danfossby supporting financial stability and managerial continuity.
  3. Ensure the Foundation’s financial stabilityby investing and managing the Foundation’s money through an investment strategy.
  4. Support Danfoss indirectly by favouring initiatives that strengthen the region.
  5. Allocate funds to the Fabrikant Mads Clausen Foundation so that this can support local projects.
  6. Observe legislation and recommendations for foundations so that the Foundation’s principles of good corporate governance and social responsibility are strengthened.

Each year Bitten & Mads Clausen's Foundation’s Board of Directors assesses this strategic aim from a three-year perspective.

Direct and indirect support
The Foundation’s primary aim is to support Danfoss A/S directly through the Foundation’s holding of class A shares in the company.

If the Foundation’s primary aim is achieved, it may choose to support Danfoss A/S indirectly by:

  • supporting initiatives that ensure the future workforce that Danfoss will need (education, innovation and research)
  • participating in the regional development of Southern Jutland so that Danfoss continues to attract and retain a skilled workforce in the area
  • supporting initiatives associated with Danfoss activities within the four segments: Danfoss Cooling, Danfoss Drives, Danfoss Heating and Danfoss Power Solutions 

The Foundation’s projects and donations are selected on the basis of the Foundation’s primary aim. 

Alsion, center for knowledge and culture in Sonderborg

Alsion, center for knowledge and culture in Sonderborg


Who benefits from the Foundation
Bitten & Mads Clausen's Foundation regularly takes the initiative to support various activities that underpin the Foundation’s aim. The framework for the award policy was devised in 2013 and refined to cover three main areas in 2014. All three award areas are closely related to Danfoss’ geographical locations and business focus, since under the trust deed these constitute the Foundation’s primary aim. The three main award areas:

The Foundation's awards and projects

True to the Foundation’s aim, its projects are wide-ranging. In addition to providing financial aid, the Foundation has decided to supply resources and management skills to larger projects to help their execution.

Research & Education: Support for Danish and global technological research projects. Education and training to build a strong workforce for Danfoss, now and in the future.

Local Neighbourhoods & Communities: Support for local communities and neighbourhoods, together with the regional development of selected Danfoss locations to promote an attractive and dynamic environment.

Sustainability: Support for projects within renewable energy and energy efficiency that advance for the Danfoss vision of sustainable behaviour and solutions.

The Foundation’s awards can either be pure donations or grants for a project. If a grant is awarded to a project, Bitten & Mads Clausen's Foundation may choose to take part in the project work in order to investigate/develop ideas in depth and to supply appropriate skills in addition to the financial contribution.